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Monarch and ClimateCare

To enable passengers themselves to offset the impact of their flights, Monarch has teamed up with ClimateCare, who fund green energy projects around the world.
You can read more about these projects by clicking on the links on this page.

Click on the calculator to see the cost of offsetting your carbon emissions and help to contribute to this work.


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our projects

Most families in Ghana cook with charcoal in a metal grate or ‘coal-pot’ that burns inefficiently. This project replaces the coal-pot with an efficient insulated stove, known as the Gyapa. Careful fuel consumption tests undertaken as part of the baseline study showed that the Gyapa reduces charcoal consumption by 25%.
This project has distributed nearly a million LifeStraw Family units in rural Kenya. These units will treat contaminated water and reduce the need to boil water with non-renewable biomass.
Our Gold Standard Uganda stoves project supplies two types of high efficiency wood burning stoves to families in Kampala, improving their health and income.

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